Friday, October 31, 2014

Library Special Award

Congratulations to the classes
selected for this 9 weeks'

Library Special Award! 

                             L : look, listen and understand
 I :  interested
    B : book lovers
   R : responsible
                                                                      A : accepting of new ideas and new ways coming to the   Library
R : respectful
                                    Y : young; our 21st century learners
K : Birkhead
1st : Gibson
2nd : Jackson
3rd : George
4th : George
5th : Marx
~Cheryl Gee would like to thank profusely the volunteers of PTA's Fall Scholastic Book Fair!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sir Readalot & PTA Book Fair

Excited for the PTA Book Fair?

October 27-October 31
Stinson Library

Shop online at the Stinson PTA book fair  here

Like book commercial videos?  Click here

Book Fair Schedule

Monday 7-3:30 pm
Tuesday 7-5 pm
Wednesday 7-4:30 pm
Thursday 7-3:30 pm
Friday 7-9 am

~Cheryl Gee hopes to see you at the book fair and reminds you that any time you enter a library you are entering the kingdom of books!

Change is Inevitable: Except from a Vending Machine!

 Change quotes via Bing Images

"To change or not to change.  That is the question."

 Quotes, cartoons and sayings about change
have been on my go-to list lately as the Stinson Library transitions into the Stinson Learning Commons in a few short weeks. 

This is guaranteed to be interesting, like the joke in this post's title.

~Cheryl Gee is the Library Media Specialist at Stinson and is changing with the times, people!