In September of  2014,
Stinson Principal Michele Taylor,
Assistant Principal Katie Brittain and
Librarian Cheryl Gee
created a goal to transform
the Stinson Library into
the Stinson Learning Commons.
Our goal continues to be one of adding value to Stinson Elementary 
while meeting the needs of our 21st century learners.

Stinson Learning Commons Begins January 6, 2015
A learning commons is a flexible space
that allows individuals, small groups and classes
 to visit at their convenience.
Small groups, individuals or classes can all visit the
Learning Commons at the same time, anytime,
for reading, research, or technology use.
A learning commons is a community gathering space
that is both physical and virtual.
A learning commons is open for the entire school day and functions on a flexible schedule.
Students visit upon the point of need instead of during a fixed time each week. 
Flexible arrangement of work areas, laptop computers readily available for use and
peer coaching are features of learning commons. Students are encouraged to bring their own devices for research and school projects.

Classes custom design longer time frames for research and project production
whenever they need to do so.

A learning commons is facilitated by a
Library Media Specialist (formerly called a Librarian)
who collaborates and plans with teachers.
Stinson Learning Commons is not a part of the specials rotation
because that would prevent the entire school community
from utilizing the learning commons and Library Media Specialist
to their full potential.

Specialists as well as Stinson teachers are invited to spend time
in the learning commons with their students and teacher groups.