Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kid Makers of November~Proud & Creative

Andrew, Olivia and Anika
~Kid Makers With Delightful Projects~
Making in on my mind.
Yes, making things with kids.
 Stinson Library
(The Commons)
will have
Maker Mondays
come this January!
What's a Maker Monday you ask?
Mondays at the Commons will be especially set up with:
creative activities
for classes to enjoy and learn from.
I also wanted to tell you about
the November Kid Makers pictured above:
Andrew (third grade) was inspired by the
presentation of Julie Flandorfer (Richardson Public Library)
on Stinson's Fine Arts Day.
Julie demonstrated the art of book folding.
Andrew recycled a book from home that wasn't needed anymore and folded 150 of its pages
to create a Christmas tree folded book.
Nice work, Andrew!
Olivia(fifth grade) surprised me by bringing with her to the library one day
her perfume designs:
"Bollywood" was Olivia's  first perfume design and it was made from rose petals and lavender.
"Amazon" was made from rainforest shampoo and apple scented hand sanitizer.
"American Candy Store" was created in a M&M container so it smells like chocolate;
 it also has a bubble gum scented ingredient.
 Olivia says "American Candy Store" is her most popular scent.
Perfume is a very cool thing to make, Olivia!
Anika (fourth grade) brought to show me a scrapbook she was making for her sister as a surprise
in a beautiful scrapbook that Anika selected from Hobby Lobby.
I think Anika's sister is going to treasure the sister scrapbook Anika made for a long, long time!
~Cheryl Gee is thankful for kid makers of all ages and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!